This may actually become something a little more in depth than just this article as I look more and more into video games and gender issues; something that seems to be at the forefront of many video game discussions of late.

I have comprised a list of characters [all female] that I would gladly tote as some of the greatest characters to come out of our industry.

The reason I’m posting this list is very simple, I’m often told that there is an extreme lack of strong-female characters in games and that it’s heavily [if not exclusively] a male form of media.

While I completely agree that the majority of of main protagonists are male I still have many, many, memorable female characters that I’ve encountered, if not played as, through my life as a gamer. I feel the people bringing up the negative characters very often gloss over or completely fail to mention any of the good characters that do exist [this tends to happen with good male characters as well]. I feel this is an injustice to those that did put time, effort and thought into creating strong-female characters and focuses too much on the poorly written characters [to which there are plenty of both genders] that so often crop up in ANY entertainment medium.

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Let’s start this article off with a clarification:

I love Electronic Arts.

I find myself coming back to their games more often than most any other company in the industry. When I worked for them it was beyond a doubt one of the best memories of my young life. Many of the people who worked with me there are still good friends to me today and I hope to one day work with them again.

What I am about to say is not meant as something spiteful and is not coming from a place of hate. I am genuinely disappointed with what is occurring to a major player in the industry I am so enthralled by and thus I offer the following as a statement of criticism that will shine a light on an issue I find worrisome.

Battlefield 4 is considered one of the most visually impressive launch titles to come out for the new current generation of consoles.
To say that I enjoyed my time with it would be a half-truth however since the game was and still is to a great degree completely broken.


So it’s a little late but i figured we’re still in January so I might as well write about my the Bottom 5 games of 2013.

I have to stress that this is not based on Meta-scores or the games’ praise; just my own personal opinion of the type of games I was promised by the developers and what I was eventually able to play.

So let’s get this started:


5. Devil May Cry: Devil May Cry



Since the year is coming to a close I’ve decided we should discuss our top five games of 2013.

Below is of course just my opinion and sadly I’ve restricted myself to just five so this post doesn’t become too long.

So without further adieu, let’s get this show in the road:


5. Metal Gear Rising: Revengence